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Created On9/23/2008
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Discounts (adding, using, reporting)

Discounts(adding, using, reporting)


The Bluewave Professional Pet Sitter application will automatically calculate and report client discounts.



The process is begins with defining a discount, then attaching a discount to a service order. Once a discount is attached to a Service Order any changes to the order will be automatically calculated into the client discount and reflected on the order total. Discounts are only accumulated against items that are classified as visits giving you added flexibility.


Adding a new discount

To define a discount, select the “Discount/Promotion List Maintenance” from the Admin screen.  A list of defined discounts will be displayed. To add a discount click the “New” button on the top left.


To add a discount, press the "new" button located on the left side of the screen.  A discount detail screen will be displayed where you can provide the details of this discount. 

  • Enter the External and Internal Name. The external name will appear on the service order / confirmations that are sent to your clients. The effective and expiration dates are required and set a boundary on when the discount is applied.
  • The percentage represents the discount percentage that is calculated and accumulated against discountable items.
  • The amount is a fixed amount that is taken off the service order. You may set your discount strategy to have percentage only, service order amount only or both. Leaving either the percentage or amount fields at zero will cause it to be ignored.
  • The Max Discount Amount and Min Discount Amount set the maximum and minimum discount amount for the service order. If the maximum and minimum are zero, no maximum or minimum will be enforced

The system is robust and provides a  great deal of flexibility.  For example you can specify that a discount will accumulate 10% on visits plus an additional $10 but should not exceed $50 for the entire order.  The 10 percent off visits can be limited to visits that fall within a specific date range.  In this example, if any part of the service order falls within the discount date range, the additional $10 will be included. 


Attaching a discount to a service order

When placing a new service order, you simply select the discount from the drop down list box located on the new or modify this service screen below the dates of service.  If you are adding a discount to an existing order a rebuild is not required. 



The Discount / Promotion Report is located on the Admin / Discount Promotion Report Screen.  It can be run for any date range providing detail and summarized discount information.  With this data you can review  your discount / promotion strategy evaluate its effectiveness, report revenue to your discount

partners, etc.


Technical Information

Discounts are implemented using an item code “$$DS” that has automatically be placed in your item list. The compensation rules for discounts are initially set to not affect staff compensation.  If you wish to change this, you can edit the “$$DS” item and adjust its compensation rule and compensation factor.


The discount will always appear as the last line item in the order.


Discounts are accumulated for items that are identified as visits in your Item List Maintenance Screen.  This provides the necessary flexibility to exclude items such as gratuity, tolls, gasoline charges, etc. It also provides the ability to discount only the visit charge, while not affecting the “add-on” or other time-consuming, labor intensive services provided during a visit. The choice to include or exclude these additional items in the discount calculation is your choice.


To adjust which items are classified as visits and thereby are calculated into the discount calculation, please access Admin / Item List Maintenance screen (left column).