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Created On9/20/2008
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Vacations (adding, approving, working with)

Requesting a vacation

The Bluewave Professional Pet Sitter application tracks staff vacations and alerts you when you attempt to schedule a staff person that has an approved vacation conflict. The process is quick, and the system very easy to use. The administrative users or the individual staff person can request time off from the staff screen and then pressing the “Vac” button on their staff line. Please note that staff users will only see their name in the list while administrative users will see all active staff.

When the "Vac" button is pressed a calendar display will appear showing vacations that have been approved or denied. To request time off, press the “New Vacation” link at the top right of the calendar.  

After pressing the link “New Vacation” the vacation request screen will be displayed.  Please enter the starting and ending dates. Times and comments are optional. Press the “Save” button to submit the request.

After pressing the save button, the request has been recorded a screen will appear allowing the requestor to enter another request, review the calendar of their approved and denied vacations, or view their staff detail screen, provided the user has access.  

A system generated email will be sent to the system administrator alerting them of a new vacation request.

From the staff detail screen, you can review the vacation calendar or vacation detail screens for that staff person.

Approval process  

Administrative users and higher can approve requests by going to the admin / vacation administrator screen located in the third column.

The vacation administrator screen will show all scheduled and requested vacations. To approve or deny a request, click the icon beside the start date. The vacation detail will be displayed. You can approve the request by selecting the yes or no option under “Approved”. To cancel the request, press the red “x” on the right. Please note that cancelling the request is different as denying the request.

Scheduling services where vacations are scheduled.

There are no changes when scheduling a service. Select the desired staff person, the dates of service, and the specific services on the start, ending, and days in-between. After pressing the insert service button, the service order item list will be scheduled. If any of the staff have a conflict with a scheduled approved vacation their name will appear in red and “Vacation Conflict” be displayed. To assign an alternate staff person, click the edit button on the affected day to view the visit detail screen. 

The visit detail screen will alert you that the assigned staff person has a conflict with an approved schedule vacation. You can ignore this conflict by checking the box and pressing “Update Record”. An asterisk will appear beside that visit indicating the override.

If you want to assign an alternate sitter, select the sitter from the staff drop down. If the substitute staff person  is being assigned all vacation conflict visits you can select the “Apply staff change to: All Vacation Conflict Items.”


The administrative AWAG has been enhanced to show vacation conflicts in Red with a prefix of “VC-“. Visits that are not assigned to a staff member also appear in red.